About Sennheiser

Sennheiser is one of a handful of audio monoliths and picking from its wide array of headsets can be an overwhelming process. Despite not having the sexiest of model names, Sennheiser headphones are reliable and consistently perform above their price bracket when compared. So, let’s dig in and figure out the best Sennheiser headphones for your needs.

Sennheiser SC 45

Sennheiser - The best quality headsets

If you’re looking quality headset absolutely packed with features, the sennheiser Sc 60 is your best bet. It offers performance to back that up. The headsets’s retractable mic is convenient and brings clear audio for voice chat. Additionally, it’s extremely comfortable.

Sennheiser - Comfort at its best

The sennheiser sc 45 headset has a comfortable and flexible design, with leatherette padding on the headband and a soft foam ear pad. You have the choice of ear pad size (medium or large) so you can find the perfect fit for you! The leatherette padding guarantees comfort straight from the first wear.

Sennheiser SC 45

Sennheiser - Best choice for virtual meetings

Sennheiser Headsets Designed to make calls easier and more manageable.Closed-back earphones traditionally would make you pretty sweaty after a while, but these feature a suede-like material for the area on your ears to keep you cool and dry. The cooling features, combined with the overall comfort and quality made these headphones our top pick for Sennheiser headphones.


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