Sennheiser SC30-The best

Enjoy more natural-sounding conversations and great quality audio with headsets designed for enterprises introducing Unified Communications. Experience the difference unique SC 30 technology can make to your efficiency and well-being.


SC 30-Excellent choice for officials

At work SC 30 audio solution must deliver great sound quality and personalized comfort.SC 30 is an excellent headset for your computer. Whether you're using a VoIP phone through your computer, Skyping with friends or co-workers or attending webinars, this headset is perfect.

Sennheiser-The multifunction Headsets

Just like the other Sennheiser headsets we carry, the SC 30 is light, comfortable and sounds fantastic. Plus, it features in-line call controls, which means you can answer and end calls, raise or lower the volume, mute the mic and even redial all without touching your computer .


SC 30 - With the Best Possible Comfort

SC 30 is worn over-the-head which keeps it secure and comfy, and covers only one ear. Which ear? Either one! Thanks to the rotating microphone boom, you can wear it over your left or right ear.With a high-sensitivity boom microphone,SC 30 headset makes it easy to communicate with your teammates. The speakers deliver clear highs and thunderous lows for crisp, robust audio.



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