Technology-driven marketing went through an amazing growth period between 2005-2010. Things exploded. Everyone went out and bought everything. You could send a million emails and target prospects in a second. Tech become democratized, tools were continuously developed and everything was chugging along at full speed.

What was impossible 20 years ago became possible 15 years ago and then commonplace 10 years ago.

Then the industry started overdoing things. Strategic B2B marketing started to become doing things for the sake of doing things. Using data smartly turned into having data, period.

That’s why we predict that 2020’s biggest B2B marketing trend will be a pullback toward what works and what is smart. As an industry, we’ll adopt a more “thinking” view of marketing rather than “because you can.”

With that (admittedly cynical) thesis in mind, here’s our list of eight must-know B2B marketing trends for 2020.


  1. Consolidating excessively large MarTech stacks
  2. Fewer cheap, theme-based websites
  3. Focus on meaningful data, not vanity metrics
  4. Less marketing for the sake of “good marketing”
  5. Smarter, more targeted PPC advertising
  6. Blurred lines between marketing and sales
  7. Less use of traditional B2C tools
  8. More quality content being produced
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