What are we & What we do?

Founded in 2016, Leverify is one of Amazon USA's top-rated sellers. We are North America's leading tech-centered supplier, with a global reach to various countries, including Europe, the United Kingdom, and Canada. We provide next-generation products and solutions that boost the efficiency of our customers. 

From Top Tech companies, government agencies and start-ups, we seek to offer top-quality products and customized services. Leverify has always aimed to meet customer expectations by delivering top-notch office technology at the lowest possible price and forming long-lasting relationships to ensure that each customer enjoys leading-edge customer support and satisfaction.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to become one of the best solutions benefactors in the ever-changing world of technology by providing the right products and services, at the right place with the best price so that the customers not only feel their needs met but can also rely on us with their day-to-day requirements. We understand the challenges of our customers therefore we provide them with the best of the services, insights, and support.

Our Vision:

Leverify has a well defined, achievable and viable vision. It’s not a one time goal rather a recurring ideology. Leverify’s dream is divided into 3 simple steps:

  1. To help Pakistan's economy
  2. To help Pakistanis find meaningful and fulfilling jobs
  3. To improve people's skill set.

What do we value?

1. People Development:

Employees are the  assets of our organization so they need to be trained, developed, retained and maintained effectively. We at Leverify aim to develop employees in an effective way to help to achieve their personal and organizational objectives. 

2. Open Communication:

We believe in communicating a clear purpose, goals and objectives to all employees upon induction, while the same is reinforced persistently over time to make sure there is clarity and transparency and all employees are working collaboratively to achieve the bigger goals and objectives. 

3. Continuous Improvement: 

We believe in continuous improvement of not only the products and processes but also the people working with us. The amount of effort we exert on our employees is a direct reflection of our belief in the value of continuous improvement. 

4. Collaboration:

We foster and promote a supportive environment for our employees to be able to perform at the best of their abilities while maintaining strong work ethics with transparent policies and open processes of communication and collaboration.

Our Social Projects:

Leverify has been contributing in multiple social projects in different dimensions including Education, Talent management and charity to make Pakistan a better place for living.

1. Maktab.pk 

Providing Educational Video Lectures for Secondary and Higher Secondary Students of Pakistan.

2. Madrassa

Educational videos of Madrassa curriculum

3. Small Efforts

Poverty Reduction Programs.
Reducing poverty by empowering needy people

4. Leverify Quest

Enabling Pakistani Youth by sharing different skill sets.

5. Leverify Cosmos

Enabling Pakistani Businesses