Plantronics HW261N 64339-31 Binaural Headset

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The Plantronics HW261N SupraPlus headset has a long record of ergonomic design and durability.  Though it may not look it, when you put on the HW261N, you’ll swear you’re wearing one of those higher-priced headsets.  The binaural design of the Plantronics HW261N makes it a great headset for louder environments and for users that want to cover both ears and not be distracted by co-workers or other noises.  The Plantronics HW261N dual-ear headset uses foam doughnut ear cushions which provide all-day wearing comfort and have the center of the cushion cut away to deliver speaker sounds directly to your ear canal.  As an optional upgrade, super soft leatherette ear cushions are available for an extra comfortable fit that won’t tangle with your hair as you slide the headset on and off.  HW261N An adjustable headband allows for a snug and secure fit.  For optimal performance, you will want to position the headset microphone about the width of a finger away from the corner of your mouth.  The HW261N’s noise-canceling microphone uses multiple mics, electronically targeting your voice while reducing background noise.  That way your caller hears your voice clearly while effectively reducing any background noise.  The 2.5 foot cable ends in a unique connection called a Quick Disconnect.  This Quick Disconnect will need to plug into a compatible amplifier or cable, depending on the phone model.  When you use the HW261N, you’ll be amazed by the excellent sound quality.  So if you spend more than a few hours a day on the phone, the Plantronics HW261N headset is well worth the investment for comfort and durability.
The new Plantronics HW261N 64339-31 is GREAT for VoIP. Working with the latest in wideband VoIP technology, the Plantronics SupraPlus Wideband headset delivers the highest level of audio performance even in noisy environments. The SupraPlus Wideband helps overcome the challenges posed by traditional technology, delivering heightened speech clarity and life-like fidelity. Plantronics HW261N 64339-31 Users will experience greater satisfaction through enhanced intelligibility and reduced miscommunication. Plantronics HW261N An (UNC) Ultra Noise-Canceling microphone filters out excessive background sound to further heighten call clarity. Designed for over-the-head comfort, the SupraPlus Wideband lets users choose between experiencing total-focus sound reduction (Binaural design - this headset) or conversing easily with coworkers without removing the headset (Monaural design - Plantronics HW251N). Clearline™ audio keeps incoming sounds at a consistent and comfortable listening level. 
  • The Plantronics HW261N SupraPlus brings new standards in all-day comfort and reliability to telephone professionals.
  • Enhanced receive-side audio quality, intelligent flexible boom and stylish design provide greater headset flexibility.
  • Must be used with a Plantronics USB-to-headset adapter or headset amplifier (not included).
  • Plantronics HW261N offers monaural or binaural versions with either voice tube or noise-canceling microphones.
  • Plantronics "QD" 4-pin quick connect/disconnect.

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