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Our Hiring Process
Our Talent Acquisition team effectively identifies the aptest and well-aligned candidates for any job through a simple and efficient hiring process.

Build Your Career With Us
Learn what counts to shape your career map and shine amongst the crowd.
Leverify is an excellent place for your professional journey. You learn, grow, and excel in a role that goes well with your interests in a supportive and inclusive environment. This is where you can be a part of a futuristic tomorrow that also fashions a triumphant career for you.
Management Training Officer (MTO) Program
Leverify offers numerous development programs and sessions that help improve employees' existing competencies and skills while developing newer ones to support the organization's goals.

How We Select Our MTO Program Candidate?

We receive a large number of applications for the MTO program. However, due to high competition, our first program's acceptance ratio is only 1.2 percent.

The program allowed MTOs to explore two departments of the same domain. The candidates work in each department for 3 months, which helps in identifying the best professional route for them. The idea is that by working in two distinct fields, the candidate will build expertise, at least in one of them.

How Does It Work?

Qualified trainers hold development sessions, where candidates theoretically and practically learn about the challenges in a working space and how to tackle them.

The coaching aims to enable MTOs to adapt to the professional working environment of any company they may join in the future and aid aspirants in seeking full-time employment.

Leverify has collaborated with various universities to level up the talent pool in the country. We want to build the academic linkage to produce competent individuals for different jobs.

Furthermore, we sign MOUs with the universities and onboard graduates directly from the universities. This also enables us to point out emerging talents and qualified candidates who are then given a chance to work as an employee at Leverify.

Selection Criteria
We are looking for candidates whose mindset matches our vision. Hence, we have categorized the selection criteria into various segments.
Growth Mindset
The candidates must have a growth mindset. They must believe their talents are to develop through hard work, good strategies, and input from other people working with them.
Communication skills
Communicating inventive and fresh proposals and notions should come naturally to the candidates. There must be no hesitation or hiding back, irrespective of the language or fluency.
Taking ownership of the responsibility provided to the candidates is of critical value. They must also never blame others for the setbacks that are bound to happen. Someone who embraces challenges and is eager to grow is a perfect selection for the program.
Creativity and innovation are always a top priority at Leverify. We are looking for someone with a discerning mind who can simplify complicated tasks and is driven to come up with cutting-edge ideas.
We also assess the candidates based on their behavioral patterns, ethics, and morals. They must always have the courage to speak and stand for the truth and follow the ethical and moral principles associated with the company. They should be trustworthy and reliable and graciously own their errors without blaming or taking advantage of others.
Industry-academia linkages
We Are Honored To Be Affiliated With Many Prestigious Universities for building strong Industry-Academia Linkages.
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