Employee Development Initiatives
Employees at Leverify are constantly developed to match the ever-changing and advancing needs of the corporate sector. Since we are an employee-centric organization, we have initiated many employee development sessions that involve conquering the professional world while enriching their personal proficiency.
Collaborative Growth Sessions
Our Employees join hands in this session to grow by learning from each other and with one another. People from different departments put their heads together in a small and focused group to learn business, communication, and overall professional skills in a collaborative learning style.
Accelerated Growth Sessions
For these sessions, the top performers are identified based on leadership potential. The selected leadership pipeline further gets trained to sharpen their stewardship skills even more in a focused group, collaboratively.
Leadership Sessions
Senior Team members who are the departmental and domain heads in the leadership role are disciplined to strengthen their leadership qualities and business strategy skills at the company level. These sessions also help in enhancing decision-making, team development, and management skills.
Study Groups
All employees are encouraged to plan and organize study groups to promote continuous harnessing of technical skills leading toward business excellence. Each session takes a deep dive into different topics that aid in generating new avenues and methods to intensify departmental and cross-departmental domain knowledge..
Developmental Coaching
When employees face any complex challenge in their personal or professional life, they are given the facility to discuss it with a coach who helps them to learn and develop. These one-on-one sessions are specifically helpful in balancing employees’ mental health and are encouraged to continue until the problem gets resolved.
Probationers’ Enablement Sessions
These sessions are held for all probationary employees by qualified trainers to help them get familiarized with the culture of Leverify and its working environment. The sessions also give insights into their role and define the company’s level of expectations from them. Thus, by the end of these sessions, all new joiners are expected to be enabled.

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